How To: EventsAir / Joyn Platform Integration

Elise Fletcher
Elise Fletcher
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Complete the steps to setup and integrate EventsAir registrations to the Joyn Platform. 


  • Joyn to ensure registration is enabled and setup with a delegate type.


  1. Navigate to "Express Actions" and then navigate to "Comprehensive Export" within EventsAir to commence creating your report. 
  2. Create a New Report and commence adding in the relevant fields, as per below options from Contact. 
  3. Choose any relevant Contact information from your Contact section which you wish to generate for the integration.
    • All of the below fields are required to be included into the integration. If any of the below are not included in the integration, it will not work successfully. 
      ID  Column A 
      Title  Column B
      First Name Column  C
      Last Name Column D
      Organisation  Column E 
      Primary Address - State Column F 
      Primary Address - Country  Column G 
      Primary Email  Column H 
      Membership ID / External ID Column I 

*Joyn to revert back in regards to being able to integration Position & Phone. And also integrating custom fields. 

  1. Choose any relevant Marketing options from your Marketing Section. This is used for User ID or Membership ID. 
    • This is setup under Marketing > Marketing with a Value + Value field.
  2. Next to "Target Group" click the filter icon. 
  3. This is where you can filter out any Registration Type Groups, Registration Types, Payment Status, Date Registered, Discount Codes that you do not want to be integrated.
    • Filter suggestions would be:
      • Filter OUT any "Payment Status" of "Cancelled" - ensure you click the exclude icon No symbol - Wikipedia
      • Filter OUT any non-relevant Registration Types - ensure you click the exclude icon No symbol - Wikipedia
      • Filter IN any relevant Registration Types 
      • FILTER IN "Paid in Full" under Financial
      • Filter IN ‘Group Member’ and ‘Is Not Linked’ to ensure group contacts are not included
        *the above filters may not be applicable to your event build, it is recommended you closely review your filter options and custom these to your event needs
  4. Save your export by clicking "Save as" down the bottom of the page. From here,  you can now name/rename your export.
  5. Click "Enable Web Publishing" which will dropdown some more options for you to complete. 
    • Update the expiry day to be the relevant date
    • Mark as "Public" 
    • Copy the URL and Provide Joyn with the URL which is what is used for the Integration. 
    • Click "Save"

Additional Notes

  • There is currently no function to import registration types so all imported users will have a registration type of "Default Type"
  • If you re changing any of the contact fields - ensure the URL is the same. 
  • The integration from EventsAir to the Joyn Platform, syncs every 15 - 30 minutes. 


  • Once all of the above steps have been completed, the integration between your EventsAir URL and your Joyn Platform will commence.



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