How to: Update Registration Status

Elise Fletcher
Elise Fletcher
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Update a Delegate Registration Status within your Event. 


If you have more than one Event within your URL, please ensure you have chosen the right event from the dropdown option in the top right of the Admin Tools Dashboard. 


  1. Within the Admin Tools Dashboard, navigate to "Registration", then "Registrations"via the black navigational bar on the left-hand side of the platform.
  2. Search/locate the User that you require to update their registration status
  3. Once you have located this User, click the blue pencil to the right of their name
  4. This will now bring you to the "Edit Registration" page where you can now update the required fields where relevant.
    • Choose A User
      • This field should not be changed.
    • Choose Delegate Type
      • Select your Delegate Type from the dropdown list if this is the change required.

If your registration is paid, the below fields are not to be changed: 

  • Price
  • Discount Value
  • Tax Value
  • Choose Payment Method
  • Payment Method Processing Fee
  • Total Price
  • Paid
  • Paid By

If you need to cancel a paid registration you will need to complete a refund. Please refer to this document on how to complete this: How to: Refund Paid Registrations

The below fields are the available status' for registrations

Status Description 
Group Registration Pending

Registration commences but has not yet been completed or paid for.

Group Registration Completed

Registration has been completed and emails have been sent to each of the registrants to now complete their registrations. Once these individual registrants have completed their registration, the registration status will change to "approved"


Registration is not yet completed by the User and still in progress

Waiting for Confirmation

Waiting for Admin to approve via the approval process to continue registration. 

Confirmed Admin has approved this registration via the approval process. The delegate can now continue and complete their registration. 
Rejected Registration has been rejected during the approval process completed by admin. 
Waiting for Approval

Waiting for Admin to approve via the approval process to continue registration. Once approved, the User can complete and pay for their registration. 

Waiting for Payment

Invoice payment has been requested but yet to be reconciled by finance


This is when a registration is complete and confirmed. All complete registrations should hold a status of "approved" 


Registration has been cancelled. This field is only to be used when Registration is free. If your registration is paid, you will need to cancel and refund. Please refer to the document: How to: Refund Paid Registrations


Please note: if the status of registration is cancelled, this overrides the completed status - this can stay as enabled as the access is removed is status is cancelled. 


The below fields that are required to be updated/actioned when updating a registration status. All fields below are able to be updated but Status & Completed at the bottom are the only mandatory fields which need to be enabled or enabled, all the other fields are optional. 

  • Confirmed
    • Choose either enabled or disabled
  • Approved - this is used when the approval process for registrations is enabled 
    • Choose either enabled or disabled
  • Approved By - this is used when the approval process for registrations is enabled 
    • The user who approved the record
  • Submitted
    • Choose either enabled or disabled
  • Status
    • Please select one from the list. Refer to the above section about the different options. 
  • Completed
    • Select enabled or disabled based on the updated registration. 
      • If this is marked as disabled, the delegate will not be able to access the platform content.

Once you have updated the Registration, ensure you click "Submit" at the bottom of the page to make these changes. 


Once you have completed all the relevant details and submitted your registration, your User's registration will now be updated.



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