How To: Book an Appointment using Calendly

Stanley Johan
Stanley Johan
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This article will show you how to book an appointment with Joyn using the booking app "Calendly"



Once your event organizer has informed Joyn that you require an appointment, you will receive an email either from Joyn or your event organizer containing a link to the Calendly booking site. 


1. You will be taken directly to a page displaying available dates and times you can book your appointment. Simply select an available date and time that suits you and confirm your selection.





2. Next fill in the required details such as your name, email address and if needed add any notes/important information to help Joyn staff prepare for this meeting. If your appointment has multiple people, you can add them to the booking by selecting "Add Guest". You can add up to 10 guests per booking.
On the left-hand side of the next page, you will see the duration of your appointment, details about the zoom conference, the time and date of your selected session and the time zone. 

Once all details are filled and all the information is correct you click the SCHEDULE EVENT button at the bottom of your screen





3. After scheduling your session you will see a confirmation page, please check all information is correct. 




4. You will automatically receive a Calendar invite to the email provided that contains the zoom link that you need to join at the time of your booking. At the bottom of the outlook/calendar invite will be an option to make changes to your booking. 




Next Steps

When it is time for your booking, simply go to your outlook/calendar, select the appointment and click the zoom link.

Please note that the email accounts used to send emails to you are automated and are not monitored. If you have issues, please contact your event organizer.



Having followed this guide you can now manage your own appointment and will be ready for your session. 



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