How to: Create Registration Discount Code

Elise Fletcher
Elise Fletcher
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Create discount code for Registration Process



  1. Within the Admin Tools Dashboard, navigate to 'Registration Setup' and then "Registration Discounts" via the blue navigational bar on the left-hand side.
  2. From this page, click "Create Registration Discount" which will now open up the next page where you can now input your Registration Discounts details. 
  3. You will then be able to setup the discount code with your relevant information. 

    • Depending on the type of discount code you are creating, you can:

      • Set it by value or percentage

      • Set capacities/usage limits

      • Set validity day/time

      • Limit it to specific delegates types (recommended for the prepaid delegate)

      • Please ensure you set the ‘Status’ as Enabled to make it valid

  4. Once you have completed all the relevant details for your discount code, you can now Submit this for it to become active based on the dates that have been setup. 


  • In the Discount Code field, don’t use any symbols or spaces.
  • You can put a start date and an end date, however, the End Date cannot be after registration ends.


Once complete, you will have discount codes setup ready for Delegates to utilise. 



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