About: Exhibitor Type Groups

Elise Fletcher
Elise Fletcher
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Exhibitor Type Groups are the highest level of categorisation for Exhibitor Profiles. Exhibitors are assigned to Exhibitor Types which can be assigned to Exhibitor Type Groups.

Exhibitor Type Groups are a great way to tier and order different categories of Exhibitors (i.e. Exhibitors, Sponsors, Event Partners) and can be ordered.


  • Created a Tenant
  • Created an Event
  • Create an Exhibitor Type Group

Exhibitor Categorisation

  • Exhibitor Type Groups (i.e. Exhibitors, Sponsors)
    • Exhibitor Types (i.e. Gold, Silver, Bronze)
      • Exhibitors

Key Items & Recommendations

  • Where practical, create more Exhibitor Types and fewer Exhibitor Type Groups. This provides a better structure for Exhibitor listing and easier access to their Profiles
  • Exhibitor Type Groups should reflect their onsite elements (if there is an onsite element to the Event). This ensures consistency for Delegates before, during, and after the Event



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