How To: Import Session Registrations

Elise Fletcher
Elise Fletcher
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Collate and prepare Users Information to Import into your Event. 



  1. Within the Admin Tools Dashboard, navigate to 'Import" via the via the black navigational bar on the left-hand side of the platform.
  2. From this page, click "Import Session Registrations" which will now open up the next page where you can now download your CSV file. You can find the CSV file template via the purple "Download Import Template" link as per below image. When you click this link, the CSV template will download to your computer for you to then input your data. Screen_Shot_2022-10-21_at_3.51.10_pm.png

  3. When you have completed inputting your data, you will need to ensure your document is saved as a CVS UTF-8 (Comma-delimited) (.csv) file. You may need to "Save As" your document to ensure it's saved as this file type. 
  4. Please refer to the below table to note the fields which are required for a User Import.
    CSV Column Letter Column Name Mandatory (Yes/No) URL SLUG Information/Notes
    A email Yes


    The email needs to match the user account and registration exactly or you will receive an error. To avoid these errors, it's best to copy over the email from the users list. 
    B session_ids Yes /admin/sessions You can use multiple Session Id's by separating with a comma. 
    C delegate_type_name Yes /admin/delegate_types The Delegate Type Name needs to match the platform exactly or you will receive an error. To avoid these errors, it's best to copy over the Delegate Type Name from the Edit Delegate Type page to ensure that if there are spaces you cannot see, this is copied into the spreadsheet. 
  5. Once you have completed all of the details within the CSV file, you can now go back to the Platform to import your data. (/admin/registrations/sessions/import)
  6. Before the commencement of your import, always check to ensure your Trigger Notifications are set to either TRUE or FALSE based on what you require. (/admin/emails) 
    Please refer to Trigger Notifications for further information about how these function.
  7. It's always good practice to import only 1 import as a test, to ensure this imports correctly before you import the whole document. 
    Within the Session Registrations Imports page, you will need to click "Choose File" and upload your CSV. Once your file has uploaded with the name of the file next to the button, you can now press "Submit" and commence the import process.
  8. The Import may take a few minutes to complete based on how many Users are within the document. You can refer to the Users Admin page (/admin/registrations/sessions) to check in on the progress of the import, refreshing every so often to ensure you are seeing the most up to date User list, which is sorted my name. It may be best to search the names you have have imported to see these within the list. 
  9. If any of your columns are not completed correctly for a successful import, you will receive an email which outlines the errors. Where there is an error in your document, the import will cease at this row, and not import anything after this error/row. An example of an error is as per below, this CSV did not have an Event ID in the relevant column and therefore did not import. If you do have any errors in your CSV, you will need to rectify these and complete the import/upload process again.  Below are some examples of these errors for Session Registration Imports.  
    Screen_Shot_2022-03-11_at_4.49.56_pm.pngScreen_Shot_2022-03-11_at_4.50.12_pm.pngYou can also see your successful or failed imports at the bottom of the imports page. They will show within this section
  10. Once your import/upload is complete, it's also good practice to cross check to ensure all of the Session Registrations have imported correctly. 


  • Registration Setup
    • Ensure that your Registration is setup and enabled with the Registration Add Ons where relevant. 
  • Session Setup
    • Ensure that you have setup your Session with the relevant Registration Type allocated within Session Registration Configuration.


Once complete, all your Session Registrations inputted into your CSV file will now be imported into the Platform and will available within the Session Registrations page, and also in the Users Registration profile. 



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