Understanding the Remote Moderator Role and Requirements for Joyn Virtual Events

Matthew Bonner
Matthew Bonner
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  • This document explains how the moderator role works for a virtual event on the Joyn event platform.
  • The main function of the moderator in this context is to participate in the zoom meeting with the presenters while monitoring chat and questions written on the platform by delegates, and asking those questions of the presenters verbally within the zoom during Q&A.
  • In addition, the event organiser may request you to action some housekeeping or other roles not outlined in this document.


  • A principal computer, laptop or desktop, logged into the presenter zoom.
  • A secondary screen or device (laptop or tablet, we do not recommend using a smartphone) for monitoring the event platform.
  • In order to use the "speaker tools" function (explained below) you will need to make sure the event organisers have registered you as a moderator on the event platform.
  • It is also important to ensure that your Zoom account name is the name provided to the operator on the runsheet. If unsure how to rename yourself in Zoom prior to an event, please refer to this article:  How To Rename Yourself In Zoom Prior To Your Meeting


Instructions for the presenter's zoom meeting:

In order to participate in your moderator's role you need to join the speakers in their zoom meeting, more information about how to join the remote speaker Zoom room below.

Understanding the Remote Speaker Role for Virtual Events




Instructions for monitoring the platform for audience questions and comments:

  • On a separate screen (well in advance of your session) you need to log into the event platform.
  • See this document if needed: How To: Log In
  • If you do not have a second monitor/device, you will need to resize your applications on your primary monitor to maximise your screen space. You can quickly cycle through your applications by clicking ALT+TAB (Windows) or COMMAND+TAB (Mac) on your keyboard. 
  • Once logged in select the "watch live: icon from the top taskbar.



  • This will take you to your livestream page.

Answering questions via the Live Stream Page

As a moderator, you can simply use the Live Stream Page to answer questions in your session, by simply reading the questions on the platform, and asking them of the relevant speaker whether they are in person or virtual. 

The screenshot below, shows where the questions will appear as ou scroll down the live stream page. 



Answering & Moderating Questions from the Speaker Tools View:

For more sophisticated control of questions on the platform, you may choose to moderate and answer questions via the Speakers Tools view.


  • Once at the livestream page you will use the "access speaker tools" button to go to the next page which will be your final platform destination as a moderator.



  • If you are both moderating and presenting a talk for your session you can use the "join now button at the top of the page to join the zoom meeting (this is a shortcut to using the zoom link provided.
  • NB; if you do start the livestream window playing within the speaker tools view please ensure you turn the volume right down to zero - once the live stream starts playing the sound will come from your device and this will be heard reverberating through the live stream. (Like when people call the radio and have the radio on in the room they are calling from).
  • To avoid this you can also leave the live stream paused when you enter the speaker tools view. 


Polling functionality is available from the "speaker tools" view; refer to this document: Understanding the Polling Function in the Speaker Tools View. 

Event Conclusion:

At the conclusion of the virtual event, the operator will give all presenters and moderators the "all clear" that they are no longer on air, and participants may leave the Zoom call at any time. 


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