How To: Record Your Presentation on Keynote

Paul Khalil
Paul Khalil
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This article will show you how to record your presentation using Keynote on a Mac with audio narration. You will not need any additional software to record your presentation. 


Before you begin, your presentation should be complete, with no further changes to be made. You will also need a Mac computer with a built in microphone and camera. You can use an external microphone and camera if you wish. 


  1. Open your Keynote presentation


  2. If you would like to record video with your presentation click "Insert" and select "Live Video". You can the resize and design your live video. If you want the video on each of your slides you will need to add it manually. You can copy and paste the video across each slide you would like to have video. 


  3. Once you are satisfied, go to the top menu bar and click "Play" from the drop down menu select "Record Slide Show"


  4. At the bottom of the screen you will see controls for recording. To start recording click the red record button, to stop recording press the same button. Once you are finished recording your presentation you can review your recording by using the scrubber at the bottom of the screen. 


  5. Once you are satisfied with the recording, press exit and go to "File" and "Export". Select "Movie".


  6. In the pop up ensure you select "Slideshow Recording" next to the Playback option. Change the quality to 1080p as it is always better to have a highest resolution possible.


  7. Click "Next" and select the destination where you would like your file saved and finally click Export"

  8. It may take a few moments for your movie to be created, especially if you have a particularly long presentation.


You have now successfully recorded your presentation, and exported it in the file format required for the Joyn platform.



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