How To: Importing Talks or ePosters

Elise Fletcher
Elise Fletcher
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Collate and prepare Talks or ePoster Information to Import into your Event. 


  • Created a Tenant
  • Created an Event
  • Agenda Setup
    • Created a Theme
    • Created Talk Type/s 
    • Created an Event Day
    • Created a Room
  • Created Session/s (if linking to a Session. If you are importing ePosters, this is not mandatory) 


  1. Within the Admin Tools Dashboard, navigate to 'Import" via the black navigational bar on the left-hand side of the platform.
  2. From this page, Select "Import Talks", to be directed to the next page to download CSV file. The CSV template can be located via the purple "Download Import Template" link, as per the below image. Click this link to download CSV template to download to your device. 
  3. When you have completed inputting your data, you will need to ensure your document is saved as a CVS UTF-8 (Comma-delimited) (.csv) file. You may need to "Save As" your document to ensure it's saved as this file type. 
  4. Please refer to the below table to note the fields which are required for a Talks or ePoster Import.
    CSV Column Letter Column Name Mandatory (Yes/No) URL SLUG Information/Notes
    A id  No    
    B title  Yes    
    C description Yes   If you do not have a description at this time, suggestion would be to put a full stop here as a placeholder "."
    D cover_image  No    
    E approved  Yes   This needs to be TRUE to show on the platform on import. 
    F featured  No   This can be TRUE or FALSE
    G owner_email  No    
    H venue_id  No /admin/venues

    This is the Room/s.

    This is not required if the Talks are being imported as a ePoster. 

    I day_id  Yes /admin/days This is not required if the Talks are being imported as a ePoster. 
    J talk_type_id  Yes /admin/talk_types Please ensure Talk Types are setup prior to Importing. 
    K duration  Yes  

    This is required in minutes. Eg, 2 hours = 120 minutes. 

    This is not required if the Talks are being imported as a ePoster. 

    L speaker_ids  No but suggested to input at this stage /admin/speakers  
    M speaker_emails No    
    N authors  No    
    O session_ids  Yes /admin/sessions This is required if it's going to be within a Session. This is not required if the Talks are being imported as a ePoster. 
    P theme_ids  Yes /admin/themes  
    Q event_ids  Yes admin/events  
    R moderator_id  No    
    S publishing_approval  No     
    T publishing_blocked  No    
    U webcast_url   No    
    V eposter_presentation Yes but only if relevant to being an ePoster.    This can be TRUE if the Talk is an ePoster
    W eposter_url Yes but only if relevant to being an ePoster.     
    X webcast_poster No    
    Y time  No, but please see notes  

    To ensure your Talks import in the order that they are required to be in the Platform, please ensure they are in the correct order in the spreadsheet. They will import in the order they are within the spreadsheet. 

    Format required: 18/5/2020 6:00:00 pm

    Z external_id  No    
    AA properties No    
  5. Once all the relevant details have been input into the CSV file, you can now return to the platform to import your data file. (/admin/talks/import)
  6. It's always good practice to import only 1 Talk or ePoster as a test, to ensure this imports correctly before you import the whole document. 
    Within the Talks Import page, you will need to click "Choose File" and upload your CSV. Once your file has uploaded with the name of the file next to the button, you can now press "Submit" and commence the import process.
  7. The Import may take a few minutes to complete based on how many Talks are within the document. You can refer to the Talks Admin page (/admin/talks) to check in on the progress of the import, refreshing every so often to ensure you are seeing the most up to date Talks list. 
  8. If any of your columns are not completed correctly for a successful import, you will receive an email which outlines the errors. Where there is an error in your document, the import will cease at this row, and not import anything after this error/row. An example of an error is as per below, this CSV did not have an Event ID in the relevant column and therefore did not import. If you do have any errors in your CSV, you will need to rectify these and complete the import/upload process again.  Screen_Shot_2022-02-23_at_2.48.22_pm.png
    You can also see your successful or failed imports at the bottom of the imports page. They will show within this section
  9. Once your import/upload is complete, it's also good practice to cross check to ensure all of the Talks have imported correctly.



Once complete, all your Talks or ePosters inputted into your CSV file will now be imported into the Platform and will be shown on the Talks Page and also within the Agenda on the Platform if they are allocate to a Session. Please see below image to show you the difference between Talks and ePosters within this page.





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