How To: Upload content to a Talk (Abstract process)

Lauren Munari
Lauren Munari
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Once an Abstract (Talk) has been approved by the event organisers, the submitter of the Abstract may wish to/may be instructed to upload content to be assigned to that Talk.

An example of when this is common is if:

  • A Talk has been approved as an ePoster
  • The event organisers wish for the submitter to upload a pre-recorded/on demand video to supplement the live event


Event Organisers - Set up the Talk Uploads page and deadline (if applicable).

Abstract Submitter - Upload content to their Talk.


Event Organisers:

  • Created Tenant
  • Created Event
  • Set up Abstract Submission
  • Created Menu item linking User to the Talk Uploads page: /talks/content_upload

Abstract Submitters:

  • User Account
  • Created and Approved Talk


Set up Talks Upload page:

  1. Within the Admin Tools Dashboard, navigate to 'Global Setup' then 'Events' via the black navigational bar on the left-hand side of the platform.
  2. Click the blue edit pencil to the right of the applicable event.
  3. Scroll down to the 'Talk Uploads' section:


  4. Within the 'Talk Content Upload Instructions', input any instructions you'd like to provide. What you input here will appear at the top of the Talk Uploads page.
  5. Within the 'Talk Content Upload Passed Notice' field, input what you'd like to communicate if a User tries to access the Talk Uploads page after the deadline (if they try to access the Talk Uploads page after the deadline, they'll be met by this message instead of the form).
  6. Within the 'Talk Content Upload Deadline' field, input the date you'd like to set as the deadline for Users to submit their content.
  7. Within the 'Talk Terms And Conditions Content' field, input the text you'd like to pop up when Users click the 'Terms and Conditions' hyperlink on the Talk Uploads page.
  8. Scroll down and click 'Submit'.

Upload Content to a Talk:

  1. User to Log In to the platform.
  2. User to navigate to the Talk Upload page. The URL slug is /talks/content_upload
  3. Under 'Talk Select', User to select their Talk from the drop down list.
  4. Under 'VIDEO ON DEMAND PUBLISHING APPROVAL', User to select Approved or Rejected.
  5. Under 'TERMS AND CONDITIONS ACCEPTANCE', User to select Accepted or Rejected - Terms and Conditions link available underneath for User to click and read.
  6. User to click the 'Upload File' button and select the file they'd like to upload.
  7. Within the 'TALK NOTES' field, User to input any notes.
  8. Click 'Submit'.


  • To access the content (including the Notes) the User has uploaded, within the Admin Tools Dashboard navigate to 'Talk Uploads' via the black navigational bar on the left-hand side of the platform. Then click 'Pending Uploads' (or 'Approved Uploads' or 'Rejected Uploads' if content has gone beyond Pending).
  • The content the submitter uploads unfortunately does not automatically link to the Talk they selected. We/the event organisers will have to download the content, go into the applicable Talk, and upload the content. Due to this, it is more common for event organisers to request that the submitter upload their content to a provided DropBox link instead.



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