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A Tenant is the highest level in the Joyn hierarchy of information.

The Tenant record is used to define global information relating to a client, including information about the company, logo assets, registration and accounting information, and global feature configuration.

Every Event is linked to a Tenant in the instance. Any information that is defined in the Tenant record is used in each of these Events.

Each Joyn Platform is currently single Tenanted and there should only be a single record.

The Tenant record is usually created by the Joyn Platform Specialist once the Onboarding form has been received to your Account Manger.


Create, edit and manage Tenant. 


  • Log In to the Platform
  • Permissions Granted of "" by Joyn Staff Member. 
    • Please contact your Account Manager if you require access


  1. Within the Admin Tools Dashboard, navigate to 'Global Setup' and then "Tenants" via the black navigational bar on the left-hand side of the platform.
  2. From this page, click "Create Tenant" which will now open up the next page where you can now input your Tenant details. 
  3. Within the "Create Tenant" page, you can now complete all the mandatory and additional information for the Tenant. The below table is a list of all the fields within the Tenant with information/notes, examples and states if they are mandatory or not. Once you have worked through the below table within the Platform, you can Submit the page. If this brings you back to the "Create a Tenant" page, please ensure you check through your page to rectify any error in the page and re-submit your page. If you have an error, please ensure you re upload your images and these do not "save". 

    Item Mandatory
    Eg.  Information / Notes
    Tenant Name Yes



    Tenant Initials

    Yes JOYN  
    Company Legal Name Mandatory if Registration is enabled   

    Tax Identifier/Name

    Mandatory if Registration is enabled  
    Enter the name of your tax identifier, i.e. ABN, VAT ID

    Company Business Number

    Mandatory if Registration is enabled   Enter the company tax number if applicable. Only enter the registration number, not any labels or other information

    Support Email

    Not mandatory but is recommended  

    Accounts Email

        Enter an email address where all invoice/payment emails are sent to as a BCC. This is also shown on the tax invoices

    Phone Number

        Enter a valid phone number, including country and area code, i.e. +61 3 9034 5221


    Yes   Enter a valid website URL, including https://

    Social Media Profiles

    Not mandatory but is recommended   Twitter Profile
    Enter a Twitter profile URL, including https:// 
    Instagram Profile
    Enter a Instagram profile URL, including https:// 
    Facebook Profile
    Enter a Facebook profile URL, including https:// 
    LinkedIn Profile
    Enter a LinkedIn profile URL, including https:// 
    Tenant Address Mandatory if Registration is enabled

    Enter the legal name for invoices i.e. Tax Invoice


    .e. Level 1


    i.e. 97 Camberwell Road


    i.e. Hawthorn East


    ie Victoria


    i.e. 3123


    i.e. Australia

    Invoice Name


    Address Line 1


    Address Line 2








    Integrations Complete if required   (more information to follow at a later date) 


    Complete if required  

    Please refer to "How to:Nomenclature"

    Tenant Styling & Appearance      
    Primary Colour Yes  

    This pulls through to the Email Header (if no colours are put into the fields underneath)

    This HEX code also pulls through to the Rich Colour Editor and it added to the colour palette. 

    Yes   This pulls through to the Email Header (if no colours are put into the fields underneath)
    Tenant Images Yes    
    Logo Image Yes  

    Upload a logo to be shown in the platform. This is shown against a white background


    Square JPG image to be  used as the favicon.
    The Icon circled below is an favicon. This is shown in a web browser. 

    It's suggested for this image/logo to have no text as it's quite small.


    If no Favicon is loaded into the Event, it will default to this Favicon in the Tenant. 


    Square JPG image used as the meta logo.

    Meta Logo relates to Google Search Engines and also relates to Meta Tags.


    This image is also used for the Email Header Image if no image has been uploaded in the below section.


    Upload a square (192px x 192px) logo to be used for mobile applications


    Upload a 700px x 200px PNG image to be used as an email header banner

    If no image is uploaded here, the

    Meta Title

    Yes   Enter a title shown in search engines and when sharing pages from the Platform.
    It is recommended to use the event name
    Meta Description

    Yes   Enter a description shown in search engines and when sharing pages from the platform. It is recommended to use no more than two sentences. The Event Description is recommended. 
    Meta Keywords
    Yes i.e. event,Joyn,virtual,conference Enter keywords presented to search engines, separated by a comma.
    Intergration No   Please skip these fields and leave them all blank, unless otherwise advised. (They are not mandatory, even though they have a *)
    Privacy Configuration Complete if required   (more information to follow at a later date) 
    User Registration Either Enable or Disable  

    If enabled, users can register accounts in the platform. If disabled, no user accounts can be created, effectively disabling all registration processes

    Per Event Registration Choose Enable or Disable   Enable per event registration and content restrictions throughout the platform. If enabled, users are not granted access to any content until an event registration has been completed. DO NOT edit this unless you are positive you want to change how registration works, this is a GLOBAL setting

    Update time accordingly if being used   

    This link allows Users to login without using a password. 

    How long a users login link should be valid for. For example, if you enter '1 week' links will be valid for 7 days after the link was generated. You can enter any standard time notation here e.g. '3 days and 12 hours' or '30 minutes'.

    Tenant Status Ensure this is Enabled    
    Generate Sitemaps For Search Engines Choose Enable or Disable  

    Enables the automatic generation of sitemaps for search engines to actively search and index the site for marketing purposes. This is highly recommended to leave this enabled to increase the visibility of the site in SEO ranks. If disabled, the site will be actively ignored by search engines, making this harder to find online without a direct link.


Once all mandatory and relevant fields are completed, you will now have a Tenant and can move on to Creating your Event. 




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