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Lauren Munari
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The Live Stream page offers Delegates the ability to ask the Speaker a question via the 'Ask a Question' feature.

The Speaker can choose to answer questions during the live presentation itself, or return to the platform and answer them later.

Via the Speaker Tools, Admin/Speakers/Moderators also have the ability to hide any questions from the Live Stream page.

If you prefer, you can choose to disable this feature entirely. 


Manage the 'Ask A Question' feature.


  • Created a Tenant
  • Created an Event
  • Created a Live Stream
  • Access granted to Speaker Tools (available to Admin, Speakers and Moderators)


Enable/Disable Event Features Relating to Live Stream Questions:

If you are an Event Administrator you can set up various Q&A properties in your event settings.

  1. Within the Admin Tools Dashboard, navigate to 'Global Setup' then 'Events' via the black navigational bar on the left-hand side of the platform. Click the pink Event Features button to the far-right of the applicable Event.
  2. Scroll down the Event Features to 'Questions In Live Streams Are Visible To Users' and choose to Enable or Disable the feature.
    If Enabled, an 'Ask A Question' button will be present on the Live Stream page below the Live Stream window (towards the right-hand side):


  3. The next Event Feature to Enable/Disable is 'Question Set As Active'. If Enabled, any questions Delegates ask will automatically appear as Public on the Live Stream Page. If Disabled, any questions Delegates ask will automatically be set to Private (for the Moderator to access via Speaker Tools).
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and press 'Submit'.

How to Ask a Question as an Audience member:

  1. On the Live Stream page under the Live Stream window, click the 'Ask A Question' button.
  2. A box will pop up for you to submit your question;
    • Under 'Select Talk', select the Talk your question applies to from the drop-down list.
    • In the 'What do you want to ask?' box, input your question.
  3. Click 'Submit'.
  4. Your question will appear below the 'Questions' heading, ready for the Moderator/Speaker. Your name will appear below the question.

How to Hide/Unhide Questions:

  1. Navigate to the applicable Live Stream page and click the 'Access Speaker Tools' button which is located just below the Header and above the Live Stream window:


  2. Scroll down the Speaker Tools page to 'Questions'.
  3. Here you'll find two buttons - 'Public' and 'Private'. If you click 'Public', you'll find any and all questions currently visible on the Live Stream page. If you click 'Private', you'll find any and all questions currently hidden from the Live Stream page.
  4. To Hide a question that is Public, click the 'Hide' button. The question will then disappear, having moved to the list of Private questions. If you'd like to unhide that question, find the question on the list of Private questions, and click 'Unhide'. It will revert back to the list of Public questions (and therefore reappear on the Live Stream page for Delegates to see).


How to Answer or Direct a Question as an event Moderator:

You can answer a question via the frontend (the Live Stream page), or via the backend (the Speaker Tools page).

To answer a question on the frontend (Live Stream page), click the 'Answer' button to the far-right of the applicable question:


Your answer will appear below as follows:



To answer a question on the backend (Speaker Tools), click the blue 'Respond' button below the question:


Your answer will appear below as follows (as well as on the frontend as per the above):




Best practice is to not delete any questions from the platform as this mean they will then not show show/appear in the report post event. If you do not want any of these questions to show in the frontend, you will need to set them as hidden. 



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