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Pages are highly customisable, and can display any additional information that may be useful or relevant to your delegates. These Custom Pages allow for Page Sections, and can display a combination of text, images, videos, and embedded content to provide a rich experience.

Pages can also be Restricted to various Delegate Types if Per Event Registration is Enabled. This allows for Pages with specific Delegate Types to be restricted from public access.


Create, edit and manage Custom Pages


  • Created a Tenant
  • Created an Event
  • Optionally created Delegate Types & enabled Per Event Registration (if content requires restriction).


  1. Within the Admin Tools Dashboard navigate to "Pages" via the black navigational bar on the left-hand side of the platform.
  2. Click "Create Page" 
  3. Within this page, you can now input all the information and data for your custom Page.
    Complete the below fields to create your Page. (* denotes a mandatory field).
    • Name*
      • This appears as the smaller text within the header.
      • The text you input here will be the URL eg. FAQ = pages/faq
    • Sub-Title
      • This appears as the larger text within the header.
    • Page Content*
    • Header Image
      • This appears as background image behind the Header text.
    • Status
      • Enable or Disable the page status
    • Restrict Content
      • Choose Delegate Type
        • When set to private, the item will be restricted to the selected Delegate Types. This only applies if Per Event Registration is enabled
    • Choose Event
      • Applicable only if multiple events are running. Note: ensure correct Event is selected.

Page Content Overview

  • 100% Text

    • Display content as text only. Using the text editor to facilitate the desired requirements to convey the desired information.

  • 100% Image

    • Display content as image only, with an option to hyperlink

  • 2 Column (Text | Text)

    • Display content as 2 columns of text only.
  • 2 Column (Text | Image)

    • Display content in 2 columns. Left column as text, right as image.
  • 2 Column (Image | Text)

    • Display content in 2 columns. Left column is an image, right is text only.
  • 2 Column (Image | Image)

    • Display content as 2 columns image only.
  • 2 Column (Small Image | Large Text)

    • Display content in 2 columns. Left column as small image, right as large text.
  • 2 Column (Large Text | Small Image)

    • Display content in 2 columns. Left column as large image, right as small text.
  • Iframe Embed (Vimeo or YouTube)

    • Embed Vimeo or YouTube link via the page.
  • Iframe Embed

    • Embed a URL into the page. (Ensure URL is displaying as desired, as URLs displays can differ).
  • Custom HTML

    • Display content using HTML code. This gives the section more flexibility around formatting of the content. 


Once all content has been entered the Custom Pages will be created for your Users/Delegates to view. To access Custom Pages via the Homepage Menu, see how to 'Create a Menu' item.




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