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Elise Fletcher
Elise Fletcher
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Users are a fundamental function in the Joyn Platform. A User account is tied to a single person including a unique email address, and this account can be used across multiple Events and functions within the Tenant.

Users can be created by:

  • Users registering for an Event (this can be disabled via the Tenant)
  • Admin users creating a User account
  • Admin users importing users in bulk through the import functionality


  • Create User Account


  • Create a Tenant 


  1. Access the functionality via "Users" and "Users" which is found via the via the black navigational bar on the left-hand side of the platform.
  2. Press "Create User" at the bottom of the page, which will open the "Create User" page for you to input the Users details.
  3. Mandatory Required Fields to create a User account are:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Unique Email address
    • If you have any additional fields to be completed for the User, you can also complete these during this step.
      These include:
      • Pronoun/Professional Title
      • Gender
      • Location
      • Phone Number
      • Professional Bio
      • Company Name
      • Job Title
      • Website
      • Facebook Profile
      • Twitter Profile
      • LinkedIn Profile
      • WeChat Number
      • Membership ID
      • Profile Picture
        • The preferred size for the image is: 400px x 400px 
      • Header Image
        • Image shown as the Header Background on the page
  4. Once you have completed all required and additional fields, you can now submit your User.
  5. Your User will now be shown within the /admin/users page.

Additional Notes:

  • Before setting up a new User, check whether the user_import_mailer Trigger Notification is switched to True or not (under the Send Email column). If set to True, a Welcome Email will automatically send to the User you set up once complete. If you do not want to User to receive a Welcome Email, ensure this is turned off prior creating their User Account. 

  • Email addresses must be unique, you cannot have two users with the same email address

  • Each User account must relate to a single person and not shared
  • Users can not be deleted in Joyn, but they can be blocked from signing in, effectively deactivating the User while retaining reporting data and other key metrics.
  • Users can be assigned different permissions to perform administrative functions in the Joyn Platform.  


  • Creation of User Profile.




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