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Speakers are an extension of a User profile in Joyn.
Each Speaker represents a person who is contributing to one or more Talks during an Event.

Speaker profiles are created by an Admin User or when a User submits a Talk Submission.

Each Speaker profile can be associated with multiple Talks across multiple Events.


  • Creating a Speaker 


  • Created a Tenant
  • Created an Event
  • Completed the Agenda Setup Processes
  • Created at least one Speaker Type


Create Speaker

  1. Access the functionality via "Agenda" and "Speakers" which is found via the black navigational bar on the left-hand side of the platform.
  2. Press "Create Speaker" at the bottom of the page, which will open the "Create Speaker" page for you to input the Speaker details.
  3. Mandatory Required Fields to create a Speaker account are:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Unique Email address
    • If you have any additional fields to be completed for the Speaker, you can also complete these during this step.
      These include:
      • Pronoun/Professional Title
      • Phone Number
      • Professional Bio
      • Website
      • Company Name
      • Job Title
      • Location
      • Where Is Your Primary Affiliation?
      • Featured Video
      • Event Themes
      • Featured
      • Profile Picture
        • The preferred size for the image is a minimum of 480px x 480px, with the aspect ratio of 1:1. Please ensure this image is square as the platform responds the best when it's square. 
    • Ensure the correct Event is chosen within "Choose Event" section of the Speaker setup.

      4. Once you have completed all required and additional fields, you can now submit your Speaker.

      5. You will now be able to view your Speakers via /Speakers in your URL and within the admin area

           for Speakers. 

Convert User Profile to Speaker Profile

  1. Access the functionality via "Users" and "Users" which is found via the black navigational bar on the left-hand side of the platform.
  2. On the right hand side of the Users table, there are Actions you can complete for each user.Screen_Shot_2022-08-26_at_10.11.21_am.png
  3. In this section you will see an icon as shown below.
    This will convert your User Profile to a Speaker Profile.
  4. Once you click this icon, your User Profile will now be converted to a Speaker Profile. You can view this new Speaker Profile via "Agenda" and "Speakers" or via /Speakers in your URL. 

Additional Notes: 

  • Before creating a Speaker, check if a User profile already exists, then you can simply convert that User into a Speaker. This avoids duplicates.
  • When a Speaker profile is created it will automatically create a User account and mark that User as a Speaker.
  • Each Speaker profile MUST use a unique email address, related to the Speaker. 
  • Enabling Featured Speaker adds a featured label on the Speakers Image and will also show on the Home Page (if configured), and shows at the top of the Index Page
    • If a Speaker doesn't not have a Profile Image uploaded, they will not show on the homepage. 


Creation of Speaker Profile.





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