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Lauren Munari
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Creating Menu items along the top and down the left of the platform allows your delegates to navigate through each page of the platform with ease. It is also an opportunity for you to steer delegates towards particular pages you would like to highlight.


  • Create a Menu item
  • Create a Sub-Menu item


  • Created Tenant
  • Created Event
  • Know the URL the Menu item will link to
  • For Sub-Menus, a Menu item must have already been created to act as the Parent Menu item.


Create a new Menu item

  1. Within the Admin Tools Dashboard, navigate to 'Event Options' then 'Menus' via the black navigational bar on the left-hand side of the platform.
  2. Click 'Create Menu'.
  3. Within the 'Menu Label' field, enter the label for the Menu item you'd like displayed to Users on the platform.
  4. Within the 'Item URL' field, enter the URL the Menu item should link to. To link to a URL within your Joyn Event, you only need to enter a forward slash (/) with the relevant page name: e.g. /agenda for the Agenda page or /exhibitors for Exhibitors page. To link a Menu item to an external link use a complete URL: e.g.
  5. To select an Icon, start to type in the Icon you wish to choose. For example if you type in "house", this will show all the icons which are relevant to that word. To view a full list of icons, you can access them here:
  6. Under 'Menu Location', select 'Side Menu' or 'Top Menu' from the drop-down list.
  7. Under 'Parent Menu', leave 'None' selected.
  8. Under 'Choose Event', select the event this Menu item relates to.
  9. Under 'Open Menu Link In A New Tab', select Enabled or Disabled. This is useful for external links.
  10. Click 'Submit' or 'Save and Add Another'.

Create a Sub-Menu

  1. Follow Steps 1 to 3 above to create your Menu item that will act as your Parent Menu item.
  2. At Step 4, insert a "#" as the URL, as we don't need this Menu item to lead anywhere.
  3. Continue on through Steps 5 to 10 above.
  4. Repeat Steps 1 to 6 above to create a new Menu item - this will be the first Menu item you create for your Sub-Menu.
  5. At Step 7 under 'Parent Menu', select the Menu item you created above from the drop-down list to act as your Parent Menu item.
  6. Continue on through Steps 8 to 10.

Here is a screenshot of how a Sub-Menu appears on the platform ('Sponsors & Exhibitors' is the Parent Menu item, and 'Exhibitors', 'Exhibitor Groups' and 'Sponsors' were created to appear as Sub-Menu items. 


If you'd like your fly-out Sub-Menu to remain open until you click outside the Sub-Menu, within the Admin Tools Dashboard, navigate to 'Global Setup', 'Events' then click the pink 'Event Features' button to the far-right of the applicable Event.

Scroll down the list of Event Features to 'Persistent Navigation Menu' and select Enabled.

Change the position of a Menu item

  1. Navigate to 'Event Options' then 'Menus' via the black navigational bar on the left-hand side of the platform.
  2. Use the up and down arrows on the far right of the applicable Menu item to move it up and down (if on the Side Menu) or left to right (on the Top Menu).

Tip: If you click the up/down arrow multiple times in quick succession, it will change however many positions you click in one go.







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