How To: Abstracts - Stage 2: Ratings Setup + Stage 3: Review Process

Elise Fletcher
Elise Fletcher
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After completing Abstracts - Stage 1: Submission Setup, you will now need to setup Ratings and review process for all submitted Abstracts. 

It is highly recommended to close Abstract Submissions before rating or reviewing Talks


  • Created Event
  • Created Tenant 
  • Complete Abstracts - Stage 1: Submission Setup


Steps: 1 - 3 + Other

Step 1: Talk Rating Questions Setup 

To set up your questions, you go to Agenda Setup > Talk Rating Questions.

Then click “Create Talk Rating Question”, input the Name and Description, and a number in the Order box to dictate what order you’d like the questions to appear in as per below example: 




Additional Notes:

  1. The rating of 0 to 10 is automatic and unable to be changed. 

Step 2: Rating Process

  1. Client/Admin/Theme Organiser Logs In to the platform.
  2. They then proceed to My Account > My Dashboard > Rate Talks.
  3. The Talks assigned to the Theme they’re an organiser on, will appear on those pages.
    They would click “Rate Talk” to the far right of the Talk they’re ready to Rate.
  4. Once in the Talk, they make their way through the questions on the right-hand side and can make notes accordingly;


      5. They then scroll down to Submit, or Save Rating & Rate Next;



Additional Notes:

  • It is common for clients to require an anonymous/blind ratings process. By that, it means that those completing the rating, cannot see who submitted the Talk. This is so personal opinions of that individual/organisation does not influence their rating of the Talk.
  • Clients/User with Admin Rights will be able to see the details of the person who submitted the Talk via the backend.
  • Users accessing the Ratings process via their Dashboard, will not be able to see the details of the person who submitted the Talk.

Stage 3: Reviewing 

Typically it is the client completing the review process, as apposed to the Joyn Team. 

To review go to Agenda > Talk Review, and scroll through the Talks accordingly.

Here you can Review Ratings, Approve, Approve as ePoster or Reject each Talk;




If you see the Average Rating but want to know more about it, click “Review Ratings” and in there, they’ll be able to see a breakdown of the ratings (scores and any notes).


If the Reviewer does not wish the Talk to be a part of the live program, they can “Approve as ePoster”.


Other: Notifications


There are several Trigger Notifications applicable to the Abstract process that you will need to update and set to True when it comes time;

  1. When an Abstract is submitted, the User receives the talk_submission_notifier. This basically confirms that they have submitted their abstract for review, and they will be notified of the outcome.
  2. If an Abstract is rejected, the User will receive the talk_rejection_notifier.
  3. If an Abstract is approved, the User will receive the talk_acceptance_notifier.
  4. If an Abstract is approved, the client can choose to allow the User to upload content (i.e. VOD, or an ePoster), and once uploaded, the User will receive the talk_content_uploaded. This is the slug for the upload page /talks/content_upload
  5. Once a User uploads their content, the client can approve the content, and the User would receive the talk_content_approved.
  6. Once a User uploads their content, the client can reject the content, and the User would receive the talk_content_rejected.


Talk Content Upload

Once a Talk has been approved, submitter can visit this page/form: /talks/content_upload

This form is commonly used if:

  • The Talk has been approved as an ePoster. The submitter would then come here and upload the content.
  • If the organisers wish for the submitters to upload a pre-recorded/on demand video to supplement the live event.

The submitter would;

  1. Pick the name of their Talk from a dropdown list. 
  2. Select Approved or Rejected to Video on Demand Publishing Approval
  3. Select Approved or Rejected to Terms and Conditions Acceptance
  4. Upload their File
  5. Make any Notes (these notes pull through to Dashboard > Talk Uploads > Pending/Approved/Rejected Uploads).
  6. Submit

The event organisers can then Approve or Reject the content once it's been uploaded by the submitter. 


Additional Notes:

  • The content the submitter uploads unfortunately does not automatically link to the Talk they selected. We/the event organisers will have to download the content, go into the applicable Talk, and upload the content. Due to this, we request the submitter to submit their content to a provided DropBox link instead. 
  • Further to the above, if you do decide to use the Talk Upload feature, in the Event Settings, there are fields to populate the Talk Uploads page:



After completing Stage 1, Stage 2 & Stage 3, the platform will be ready to accept Abstracts and for Admin Users / Theme Organisers to review these abstracts. 





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