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Joyn strives to make all content created by our event organisers available to the greatest number of people by offering products and services that improve accessibility, enable interpretation and aid translation.

Joyn has a range of options we regularly use to increase accessibility listed below. If our suite of services, however, doesn't solve your particular requirement, we may have the capacity to expand our delivery to ensure your specific need is covered.



  • Joyn needs to know about Accessibility requirements 4 weeks in advance of the event start date.
  • Joyn is very happy to work with interpreters, stenographers or other resources managed by you, the event organiser.
  • Joyn are also able to source stenographers and interpreters on request, but may need up to 8 weeks to do so.
  • Shorter time periods may be appropriate if we are working with external accessibility services such as Interprefy.



There are various costs associated with the services listed and it is ideal to discuss at the point of contract. Costs vary depending on who is sourcing interpreters, whether captioning is live or automated, whether an external service is used etc. etc. 


How Does Accessibility Work?

There are three main accessibility services at Joyn:

  1. Captions
  2. Sign language interpretation (SLI)
  3. Translation into other languages



Closed Captions - AI-Generated


Captions are automatically generated with AI technology and can be multilingual.

They are "closed" captions, meaning they can be switched on/off("closed") by the viewer.



  • Highly cost-effective
  • Viewer can customise the appearance of the captions or turn them off altogether 
  • Can be multilingual


  • Accuracy is much lower than with a human stenographer. Accents, technical jargon and context is often difficult for auto-captioning to get right.


Open Captions



Open Captions are usually generated by a human stenographer, are always visible ("open") to all audience members and can't be turned off by the viewers.

In most cases, we are happy to integrate your preferred stenographer into our system, but we can also assist in organising one for you upon request.



Much more accurate than automated (AI) captions because a person is making editorial decisions in real time.

More control of the final look of the captions (see example above).


Due to labour costs, this service is much more expensive than automated AI-Generated captions.

These captions are embedded or "baked into" the live video feed, meaning there is no option to turn them on / off at a viewer level.


Sign Language Interpretation  

Joyn is able to integrate sign language interpretation (SLI) into your events through our remote speaker management system and display them in the livestream.

As is the case with captions, we are able to integrate your choice of interpreters or help with organising interpreters for you.

Below are some examples of how SLI will look in the live stream.

SLI with a remote speaker 

SLI with a remote speaker + presentation



SLI + Captions

It is possible to integrate both accessibility options simultaneously. If this is required we recommend putting some extra thought into the background image for your stream and how it might look with all of these visual elements.



Joyn offers solutions to translate your livestream content into other languages. We generally do this in the following ways: 

  1. Multi-Lingual Captioning services

    In some circumstances, captions can be provided in languages differing from the source content. Our AI captions are the recommended way to achieve this(with the aforementioned considerations) but multilingual stenographers can be arranged to achieve this.

    Note: In our experience, multilingual stenography can be very expensive.

  2. Simultaneous Audio Translation
    Joyn can deliver a live audio translation of an event with the assistance of a bi-lingual translator. Similar to SLI, we would engage a translator to provide speech translation in real time. Joyn creates a duplicate stream embedded with the audio translation in the requested language

  3. Third-party integrations
    Joyn is also open to third-party interpretation "widgets" and can provide advice on how such a solution might work well for your event. 



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