How to use Dropbox for Joyn Events

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Virtual Events are extremely convenient for presenters and audience members, but they also require a little extra attention to detail when it comes to organising your media and Runsheet.

In order to get your event material to us, Joyn uses Dropbox and requires all your assets and your Runsheet to be uploaded to the link provided to you.

In there you’ll find a set of folders that we have set up for you, along with a Runsheet template. Please see below for the folder descriptions and some usage tips. If you're unsure about what media you need or its formatting, please see the content guide.


Roles and Responsibilities

Event Manager (You)

  • Join the Joyn Dropbox shared with you.
  • Follow the content upload guidelines and folder structure.
  • Stick to the timelines outlined for your event.


  • Share Dropbox folder with Event Manager
  • Follow up timelines for essential event content.
  • Check Runsheet is complete and ready for event operation.
  • Provide support and communication to the Event Manager.
  • Share content with the Technical Production team for sequencing and event operation.


Joining Dropbox

We will invite you to our shared dropbox for your event, it is essential we use this as our entire technical production team access it. In order to use it you will need a dropbox pro (paid) account. If you try and access it via a free dropbox account it will tell you that your dropbox folder is full. 

If you do not have a paid account you can get one free for a month on the dropbox website.


Timeline for Delivery

 It is extremely important that you adhere to the following timeline, this is not a traditional live event and needs to be sequenced well ahead of time by our production team in order for them to be able to deliver it seamlessly for you. There is much less scope for last-minute changes and additions in the virtual realm and these can and do lead to errors in the delivery of your event by disturbing your live operator.

  • 10 days prior to the event  draft run sheet/slides are due
  • 4(business) days prior to the event final run sheet is due
  • 4 (business) days all content (slides/videos/pre-recorded presentations) due


Important Usage Notes, Updates and Version Control

  • All content needs to go into the appropriate folders. Please don’t attach files to emails or provide alternate file sharing links, as these aren’t accessible to all of the relevant team members and equipment.
  • It is important to follow a simple "One Document" version control process when uploading documents. This ensures Joyn and you are working on the same document, ensuring one source of truth. 
  • As outlined in the Timeline section above it is important to share draft slides and a run sheet 10 days prior to the event day.
    • The Event Delivery Specialist will provide feedback on these critical documents, advising if they are good to go, or whether any changes are required.
    • If changes are required simply update the document in the folder and save it as normal. For most documents, Dropbox can log changes which provide a helpful timeline of who made what changes when. Do not create a second version of the document.
  • As you make any changes after submitting your draft slides or run sheet, please advise your Event Delivery Specialist every time you do so, or when you have made your last and final changes.
    • This becomes critical the closer we get to delivery day, as we want to ensure your final documents are being used for event delivery.
    • This is the reason for a deadline of 4 days prior to event delivery, ensuring we have the final Slides and Runsheet for our sequencing, and preparation purposes.
  • Please note that all video content including pre-recordings, sponsor content, or anything else must be final versions on delivery. You may note in the timelines, there is no "Draft" requirement for video content, and therefore you should only upload these assets once, when you are confident they are final and complete.


Folder Structure

Inside the "Event Content" folder shared with you, there are the following folders with specific functions:



  • “Other Videos” is where video rolls such as sponsor video ads, Welcome to Country, opening videos, closer videos, holding loop videos etc. go.
  • “Pre-Recorded Speaker Videos” allows you to upload all finished videos of pre-recorded presentations into the “Event Ready” folder . “Not Event Ready” is for internal use at Joyn or for if you've arranged editing to be done by our content team. Please remember that this process is not automated, if videos are put in the wrong place it can impact your event greatly.
  • “Runsheet” is where the one and only Runsheet lives, ideally built from our included template.
  • “Slides” is where you place your PowerPoint file or images such as holding slides, title slides, background image, housekeeping etc. for the operator to run.
  • "zz_Platform Content" is for when we need you to provide us with ePosters files or Pre event video-on-demand files. These files have nothing to do with the livestream.



Providing a clear and complete Dropbox folder filled with relevant assets will greatly assist the smooth and timely delivery of your live event.

A clear run sheet supported by all relevant content will ensure our technical event operator can focus on live content and the comfort of your speakers with their full attention, without the distraction of translating an incomplete run sheet or searching for missing content.






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