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This article offers further insight into key areas of the Joyn designed run sheet. It addresses common questions to save you time and ensure a smooth delivery of your event.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 'Tech Check' before we start the event? How does it work, and is it optional on the run sheet?

Thirty (30) minutes before your event begins, your operator will be available to meet with your moderators and first session speakers. During this time, the operator will be tending to the moderators/speakers technical requirements and making sure they are ready to present when it is their time to go 'live'. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of this time with your operator, to make sure that your event runs smoothly.

This time is also valuable for your key guests to gain confidence in themselves and the delivery method, much like a backstage area at an in-venue event.

For your run sheet, the Tech Check's inclusion at the top of the document will help your operator understand the flow of your event. Please be sure to include the specific arrival times of your speakers/moderators following the tech check time.


Can event videos, pre-recorded speakers and sponsors be played in any video format?

MP4 is the specific video file format used by our editing team and the standard format of most exported media. Other video file formats are not accepted as they may not be compatible with our operations.

For your run sheet, please make sure that all video files are MP4 and are listed properly in their cell. Please consult your Event Delivery Specialist if you have any concerns. 


If my remote live speaker is using a PowerPoint, do I upload that presentation to the Dropbox and reference it in the run sheet?

If a remote speaker is using a PowerPoint presentation, do not upload the speaker's PowerPoint file or reference it in the run sheet as the remote speaker control's their own presentation. We don't want to confuse this instruction by uploading a copy, or referencing it.


Will the operator be playing the PowerPoint or the remote speaker?

Remote Speakers are responsible for sharing and controlling their own PowerPoint presentations. 

If the remote speaker wishes to play any videos during their presentations, they need to be embedded in their presentation and played by the speaker.

Please advise your Joyn operator that there will be video/audio content in your presentation during the tech check. 


What is the difference between 'Speaker view' and 'Gallery view' in the Layout column? 

Speaker view is the default and recommended layout option for most Joyn events. This layout enables the active speaker to be continuously present, and the speaker will be replaced once another speaker starts to talk, hence "active speaker". This layout is the best option for segments with single presenters and most segments with multiple speakers. If a cell in the 'Layout' column is left empty, it will be assumed that the 'Speaker view' layout will be used. 

Gallery view is a layout where every relevant speaker is visible. This layout is recommended for Q&A-style discussions with multiple speakers needing visibility. It's recommended that the 'Gallery view' layout is used for segments with no more than six (6) people, as the video frame may appear cluttered with various webcams. 


Do I include my background slide in the run sheet?

No, the background slide only needs to be placed in the 'Slides' folder in your Joyn Dropbox, see our Content Guide for more details. The background slide is a component of many of the 'layouts' discussed above. Your operator will automatically know when it is required or appropriate for a certain look.

If you want your background slide change to change at any point, it is vital that you include this change in your run sheet and advise your Event Delivery Specialist. 


Do we need to include a slide in every 'Intro/ Title Slide no' column? 

If there's a slide you wish to appear during the beginning of a segment, we strongly recommend you include that slide in the 'Intro/ Title Slide no' column of that row. Any slide you create for a segment, including its slide deck, should be included in the run sheet.


Do we need to include breaks in the run sheet?

Depending on the length of your event during the day, you may not wish to have a break. If your event is planned to be one (1) hour-long, a break may not be needed.

However, it is highly recommended to include a break period if your event is running for several hours or requires many alternating speakers with conflicting schedules. Please also consider staff (your operator) working on your event may need a few minutes. 

Where you include these breaks into your run sheet is up to you and what works for your other speakers/moderators. Please be sure to include specific times on the run sheet for those segments.


What are the pro's and con's of pre-recorded speaker presentations versus live presentations?

This ultimately depends on the availability of your speakers and what they feel the most comfortable with. However, there are both positives and negatives for choosing between either item format.  

Live Presentations 


  • A speaker may prefer to present live rather than be recorded.
  • The speaker may wish to interact with the audience during their presentation - through polls, chat, questions etc


  • The speaker may be concerned about technical issues on the event day, due to personal equipment or connections.
  • The speaker may not be comfortable with a time restraint.
  • The speaker may be concerned about conforming to time in a live setting. 
  • The speaker may not have time to pre-record their presentation

Pre-Recorded Presentations


  • A guaranteed level of quality in a private setting. 
  • A set presentation length.
  • No speaker technical issues on the event day.
  • The option for Joyn to assist in a directed recording process.


  • A speakers recording may have technical issues that must be fixed in editing.
  • A speakers recording may be delayed or incomplete for the event day.
  • Lack of opportunity for direct interaction during a presentation. Although often solved through a live Q&A following the presentation.





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